Mercurial Transparent Text Styles

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Mercurial Transparent Text Styles

10 transparent photoshop text effects and styles, that works great with text and shapes too, presented in 10 different colours!

  • 10 Layer styles in one ASL file
  • Layer Blending options included
  • Works great with text and shapes too
  • Looks very nice with large Sizes
  • Works well with thin and bold fonts
  • Works on bright and dark background


  • .ASL file with 10 Mercurial transparent styles
  • .PSD file with editable text (590×1400px) with the 10 styles layered for easy copy and paste
  • JPG preview
  • Help text file


  • Gautami : Free System Font
  • Soolidium

If you want to get the exact same effect when you transfer these styles on to another document:

  • Make sure the Shading options is set to Angle = 60 and Altitude = 60

You can do this by going to Layer > Layer Style > Bevel and Emboss > Shading in the menu.

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