Hazairin Sans Regular Font

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Hazairin Sans Regular Font

Hazairin Sans Font is a sans serif typeface with a contemporary tone.

It has built between round square and oval components. The rounded path makes it looks more professional, funky, and contemporary, and modernist. Hazairin Sans Font ideal for titles, headlines and brands of lifestyle, technology and trend, plus perfect for application in cover design, logos, web.

I give you the OTF and TTF files, which is the quality of those files are same good as. Hazairin Font has been through 2 times revision. It means, Hazairin Font Version 1.001 is the revision of Version 1.000.

The optimum size is 18pt. Larger is better.

But, Hazairin Sans Font still can be read smaller than 18pt, such as 12pt. Feel FREE to use Hazairin Sans Font in any size.

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