Camellia Media Presentation Templates

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Camellia Media Presentation Templates

\\ Camellia Media Presentation is match for any presentation for your work, school, office presentation, and many more.

This presentation comes with 15 slides, in each slide have a different placeholder and design, such as Media Placeholder, Text Placeholder, Chart Placeholder and Image/Picture Placeholder.

Available 2 different screen, On Screen Show:

Tutorial is available.

This template compatible for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

\\ As you know, this templates is not included any images and any font that you see on the screen. Image and Font is not my work and not my authorization for modification in any part.

Image and Font for Preview only. But, I give you the link for download third party assets such as font, available inside of the main file of this templates.

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