Finite Presentation - Slick Powerpoint Template

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Finite Presentation – Slick Powerpoint Template

Ready to crush the meeting you’re 20 min. late to like a crocodile destroying a helpless kitten?

Alright, get to it cowboy. Fire up that laptop and load up this template.

See, you just saved yourself HOURS of work for a few bucks. You now have a slick, animated Powerpoint template that will distract everyone from the coffee stain on your pants you got this morning. In fact, its clean layout and thoughtful design might even help hammer home some of the points in your now super-awesome presentation.

We won’t be there to see your pitch, but we imagine that at the end there will be applause, orchestral music, flowers thrown and the hot intern throwing themselves at you. With all that newfound confidence you might just have to buy a nicer car.

Finite Presentation is perfect for corporate, sales, marketing, industry and networking presentations.

Included Files:

Powerpoint .pptx template
.thmx and .potx files
PSD source files
Background images (.jpeg)
Help File

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