Fresh 3D Slide

Fresh and Creative, here is the 3DSlide Presentation (HD)! Walk trought you’re presentation like it’s one big room full of art and information. And this on a high HD resolution (720P) Widescreen.

The pack includes all the files you need. Including all the Photoshop files for the background and the images, 2 Flash file’s for the animations and al the images used in the presentation.

What’s in the pack

- .key files
- 10 Pages 720 P (1280×720) Ratio: 16:9
- Photoshop files for the background and the images (smartlayers)
- Flash files for the animations
- Transparent Png’s used in the demo.
- User manual with tips and tricks.

The wonderfull Free Lobster 1.4 is used created by Pablo Impallari. Download it here: (Also in helpfile)

Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. Links to download page or download archive are not allowed.