Simplio Presentation Template

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Simplio Presentation Template

Make use of master slide layouts. Changing of colors, header, footer or any other modification is extremely easy. No repetitive actions. Just make one change and the same is applied to all slides.

Check out the video tutorial to see this in action:


- Master slide layouts
- Easy color change
- 5 color themes
- 10 different layouts
- Animated effects
- PPT, PPTX, PNG, JPG files included
- Professional & clean design

Fonts used:

- League Gothic –
- Cambria
- Calibri


- Info file
- 5 PPT files for every color scheme
- 5 PPTX files for every color scheme
- JPG, PNG & PSD files for the images


Due to limitations of PowerPoint 2003, master slides are not fully functional in the PPT version of the files.

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