Scales vector pattern

Category: Decorative, Patterns, Vectors

Scales vector pattern

This is a colorful fish scales vector pattern. There is a Adobe Photoshop file with Hue/Saturation and Levels adjustment layers within the archive, so you can easily adjust the color of the texture. For example, you can transform the fishy blue scales to:

  • Green – snake skin
  • Grey – steel armor

Some of the usage variants are:

  • Fish-restaurant background
  • Any kind of protection-related site background
  • Snakes-related site background
  • Environment-related site background
  • Texture for cartoonish-styled 3D objects
  • Comics about knights background
  • Object’s fill within an illustration
  • and more!

The archive contains:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS file with a pattern swatch
  • Illustrator 8 EPS file with Hue/Saturation and Levels adjustment layers
  • Adobe Photoshop file
  • High Res JPG file (3000×3000px)

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