AICO Button Pack 1.0

Category: Buttons, Web Elements

AICO Button Pack 1.0

10 carefully crafted buttons designed with usability and visibility in mind.

The font used is Helvetica Neue, but Helvetica, Trebuchet, Tahoma, Verdana and Arial work well here also.

The download contains:

AICO Button Pack 1.0.psd – A fully editable layered PSD file with all buttons laid out on the same canvas. If several coloured buttons are required on one page it can be used to create an image sprite to save bandwidth and download times.

AICO Button Pack 1.0 Exports.psd – A fully editable layered PSD file with buttons positioned for individual export, ready to be used with the CSS2 files.

CSS2 -Based HTML Files – Compatible with older browser versions, it uses images as link backgrounds. Recommended if you wish to maintain absolute consistency across platforms.

CSS3 -Based HTML Files – A more modern approach, with rounded corners and box shadows. It uses a 1-pixel wide tiled PNG and CSS background colours, reducing load speed. Degrades gracefully for older browsers such as IE6 .

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